((Caribou)) Band Profile and Upcoming SXSW Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Canada's Dan Snaith, who used to go by Manitoba until some dude no one has ever heard of sued him, now goes by Caribou. But he's used to rolling with the punches. Back in 2001 he sounded like just another mellow IDM artist cruising at 5 mph. Then, he started getting into a garage-dance thing that invigorated London club goers. By the time he released Up in Flames in 2003, he had moved on again to emulating The Beach Boys with perfect, sunny harmonies with nary a computer in sight.

And now with Caribou, and on his most recent album from Domino Records, Snaith is exploring once again. His latest tracks are more dynamic and aggressive (supposedly he's been really into Lightning Bolt lately) that will surely sound different than anything he's done before. He's played shows recently with bands like Four Tet, Stereolab, Broadcast and Prefuse 73 and shows no signs of slowing down, even if some dude no one has ever heard of wants to claim a Canadian Province as his own.
Published May 06, 2010



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