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19 Bands To See At SXSW 2019

These bands won't let you down in Austin. Go see them early and often.

March 5, 2019

Written by Patrick McNamara

There are lots of bands playing SXSW.

You heard it here fourth.

It can get pretty overwhelming trying to make a schedule and stay on top of a solid plan, but even if you were to only see the 19 good bands listed below, your festival experience should be considered a smashing success.

Here are the bands (listed in alphabetical order) we recommend you try and see this year.

Try hard.

1. Anna Altman

Anna Altman is a good band from New York.

If you like bendy indie rock sprinkled with mellow melodic sparkles (yes please) here's your new favorite crew.

RIYL: Bedhead, Dianogah, Seam, Cat Power, Rodan, Polvo, Velocity Girl, Good Bands

Find Anna Altman shows during SXSW

2. The Beths

The Beths are a real good lo-fi power pop crew from Auckland, New Zealand.

Welcome to the jubilant jangle, y'all.

RIYL: improved moods

Find The Beths shows during SXSW>>

3. Black Midi

Black Midi is a post progressive passive aggressive eclectically enigmatic band from London.

Beguiling. Brilliant. Puzzling. Peculiar.

Those are four thrown-around words.

Who are these mystifying guys?

Blast their secretive math-synth-scatter-punk below and try to crack the code.

Find Black Midi shows during SXSW>>

4. Charly Bliss

Pop Punk Forever.

RIYL: happily singing along to super sticky good songs

Find Charly Bliss shows during SXSW>>

5. Crumb

Smooth indie pop with some slow psych dream outs and excellent vocals = this good NY band.

Listen to every creative morsel made by Crumb.

You will like their creamy jams of carefully crafted bliss.

Start by listening to their breezy EP below and float away to an easier place.

Find Crumb shows during SXSW>>

6. Dehd

Dehd is a hazy mellow stargaze-y psych post punk band from Chicago.

They'd make a dope soundtrack should you ever find yourself surfin' those famous Illinois waves.

RIYL: Lala Lala * Twin Peaks * Colleen Green * Ne-Hi * Jaill

Find Dehd shows during SXSW>>

7. Empath

Empath is a fuzzy sprawling DIY band from Philadelphia.

Perhaps you saw them blitz through recent shows with Priests or Swearin' or Iceage.

If you did, I bet you liked them.

Recommended if you ❤️ the punk rock.

Find Empath shows during SXSW>>

8. Fontaines D.C.

This Dublin post punk band played a bunch of dates with IDLES and just sold-out two NYC shows on their own.

They're gonna be big time.

Blast this top notch jam and you'll agree with this correct assessment instantly.

Find Fontaines D.C. shows during SXSW>>

9. Gong Gong Gong

Gong Gong Gong is an experimental rhythm n' drone blues band from Beijing, China.

Prepare to go on a cosmic journey through the psyche of your mind.

Go Go Go.

Find Gong Gong Gong shows during SXSW>>

10. Gustaf

The #1 hardest-working NYC band of 2018 A.D.

This crew puts on a show.

See it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Find Gustaf shows during SXSW>>

11. Illuminati Hotties

Illuminati Hotties is Sarah Tudzin (producer / engineer / musician) and a reliable cast of revolving collaborator pals.

Think slacker indie pop (with sparkling melodies you can totally sing along to) and plenty of rocking moments that often go grunge .

Good to blast when you're riding around doing stuff or sitting at home not giving a ____.

Find Illuminati Hotties shows during SXSW>>

12. Pottery

Pottery is a high-flying lo-fi jingle jangle punk band from Montreal.

They're good.

Get into them.

RIYL: Parquet Courts * Twerps * Orange Juice * Talking Heads * Surf City * Devo * Royal Headache

Find Pottery shows during SXSW>>

13. Jessica Pratt

Jessica Pratt's perfect new album has been on steady repeat at Rockness HQ.

It's so good!

Find Jessica Pratt shows during SXSW>>

14. Priests

D.C. Protest Punk

RIYL: Teenage Jesus and the Jerks / X-Ray Spex / Bush Tetras / Fugazi

Find Priests shows during SXSW>>

15. Ratboys

They pop. They punk. They fuzz. They buzz.

Ratboys is a good band from Chicago that you will like instantly.

Get into them at your very earliest convenience.

File Under: Topshelf Records

Find Ratboys shows during SXSW>>

16. Sasami

The music of Sasami* (Ashworth) rules.

Think lush indie pop meets melodic slowcore meets meticulous fuzz rock and you just might be thinking of your new favorite artist.

RIYL: Mitski (toured together!) * Liz Phair (played with!) * Wild Nothing (collaborators!

Find Sasami shows during SXSW>>

17. Sharkmuffin

Best garage punk glam kitty fuzz space grunge ever.

Go see Sharkmuffin play early, often, always, forever.

Your favorite NYC band's favorite NYC band.

Find Sharkmuffin shows during SXSW>>

18. Shy Boys

Shy Boys is a confident band from Kansas City that plays effortless power indie pop.

RIYL: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Big Star and The Beach Boys and good bands.

Come for the harmonies, stay for the improved mood.

File Under: gentle jingle jangle

Find Shy Boys shows during SXSW>>

19. Sneaks

Sneaks is Eva Moolchan.

From D.C., she creates concise post futuristic jams that are extremely dope.

RIYL: Bass. Beats. Flow.

File Under: Merge Records.

Find Sneaks shows during SXSW>>


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