((Crystal Stilts)) Band Profile and Upcoming SXSW Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Crystal is the new Wolf. And that's why we were originally drawn to this NYC band. We just wondered how there could possibly be another band with Crystal in their name considering all the competition (Crystal Castles, Crystal Skulls, Crystal Antlers, etc.). But this passing curiosity turned into more legit interest once we studied the sounds this gloomy group makes.

So what are they all about? They're about being stripped-down. They're about being mostly dark. They're about leisurely shoegazing towards hazy choruses. And singer Brad Hargett is about sort of mumbling slowly along under all sorts of distortion. Because of this last point, I can't give an insightful literary interpretation of Crystal Stilts songs since I have no idea what he's talking about (plus, I ain't no Lit major).

But I can tell you that these choruses have some good pep in their step! And I can tell you that's there something hypnotic and engaging about this band. You feel reeled into these haunting melodies. But maybe that's just the acid talking.
Published June 11, 2008



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