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Co-Founder/ President & Publisher:
Claire McNamara

Patrick McNamara

Justin Talbott, Way Mondo
Mark Bird
Michael Flach

Email: [email protected]

Oh My Rockness is two people: Claire and Patrick McNamara.

In 2004, we thought it would be cool to start a website that lists (mostly) small shows and highlights up-and-coming bands. So we did and we called the site Oh My Rockness because that name made us both laugh. Shortly after the site's launch, we got married to celebrate the accomplishment.

Since we're only two people, we also rely on the generous help of friends (you'll see them listed to the right if you look right now) to help keep things clicking. Oh My Rockness isn't big. But it's fun and we love making it.

So that's our story. Thanks for reading. It's also very impressive you even found this page!

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