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I don't know where these guys have been hiding, but I'm sure glad I stumbled on them. Actually, many people probably already love these guys. I'm admittedly not that plugged into the metal scene. And that's my bad. But I found out about East of the Wall when I heard they were touring with Goes Cube.

Now, we've said for years that Goes Cube SLAYS HARD, so anyone they tour with is worth at least a listen. But East of the Wall are worth a whole lot more than just a listen, because guess what? These five dudes SLAY TOO! This is METAL, man. Metal.

If you don't like big time riffs and growling vocal shrieks and drum pummeling that rip your ears off, East of the Wall is not the band for you. If you like all that stuff but think most metal today sucks anyway, East of the Wall is the band for you. Because this metal doesn't suck.

Man, I wish I was in a band like this. How sweet would it be to go on stage and let it rip and know you totally destroy everything and everybody in the room? One day I'll know that feeling. One day. But between now and then (first I'll need to learn an instrument) I can always channel those feelings vicariously by seeing East of the Wall shred.

They're for those metal fans who are convinced there's no good metal out there anymore. Yes, there is! Yes, we can!
Published April 08, 2010



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