((Metric)) Band Profile and Upcoming SXSW Concerts - Oh My Rockness

These guys have been on everbody's Band to Watch list. Los Angeles, by way of New York, by way of London, by way of Toronto, band Metric sound a lot like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with less emphasis on the rock and more on the beat. Rumor has it both YYY's and Metric had an apartment-sharing thing going on, so I'm sure Karen O doesn't mind a little friendly competition, even if it's for the title of Most Seductive Singer.

Two members of Metric, including vocalist Emily Haines, are also in Broken Social Scene, who sound nothing like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Metric. In Metric, Haines will sass you and synth you until you're electro-crying for her phone number.

I was shocked that one of their songs is titled "Succexy." Could it be that Ms. Haines's seductive charms are calculated and not simply a by-product of her love of music? Frankly, I refuse to entertain such a notion and maintain that the title was just an unfortunate typo.
Published August 26, 2004



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