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Solange is Solange Knowles. Knowles as in Beyonce. As in Solange is Beyonce's little sister. Now, I'm gonna stop being polite and start getting real with you for a minute. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't exactly been following young Solange's career from its beginnings. I'm not exactly all things Knowles. (I had to research whether Solange was also in Destiny's Child... she wasn't... and then I researched to see if Destiny's Child are still defunct... they are... I think... pretty sure).

Solange has had some big time hits before (I guess?) and has been in some movies and stuff (I guess?) and is probably famous already... but not as famous as Beyonce... that I'm pretty sure of. So if all this Solange news is totally old, I apologize to anyone whose sensibilities I may have greatly offended. But she's new to me, guys. She's new to me.

I was first introduced to Solange because I heard that the wonderful label Terrible Records (Kindness + Horrid Red + Twin Shadow + Chairlift etc.) is putting out a couple of 12"s by her. So I listened to one of the songs from one of those 12"s - because Terrible is often anything but.

The song I played is called "Losing You" from the release called... wait for it.... "Losing You." And I'm here to tell you today - this song will make it hard for you to keep your clothes on. By the second seductive electro chorus, I was down to my long underwear. And for my neighbors' sake, it's a good thing I was wearing three layers of long underwear. But seriously on the serious - just listen to the Solange song below. I think you'll like it. And that's all I've been meaning to say to you today, friends. That's all.

Published November 28, 2012



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