((Wild Yaks)) Band Profile and Upcoming SXSW Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I was wondering when the next ramshackle band was going to come along and take a little piece of the part of my pop heart that's joyful. I shall wonder no more. NYC's Wild Yaks rock... in that sloppy, messy, well-conceived and perfectly thought-out way. Got all that? Of course you do. Because I believe in you.

I guess you can call this punk, if you want. I'm not going to tell you what to call it. But I'm going to call this opti-pop (optimistic + popular + shorten those two words + put a hyphen in-between = anyone can create a new rock 'n roll genre!). I recently wrote about a band called Stepdad that kind of reminds me of these dudes. They both get after something resembling nonlinear musical happiness by way of distortion. Maybe they should tour together? (And maybe I should mind my own business.)

Anyway, I feel a little bit better about the state of things when listening to Wild Yaks - even if the state of things is that we're all going to die one day. Oh well! At least we have our rock 'n roll shows! At least there's that! The band has a new album out. It's called Million Years and it's good. So you should check it out if you like checking out good things. I'm into this. I. Am. Into. It.

Published January 9, 2013



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