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Written by Patrick McNamara

Yazan (one name only - like Prince, or Elvis, or Steve) is a born and bred New Yorker who plays good old down-and-dirty country blues, albeit a psych sludge urban version. Maybe we should call this bayou borough punk. Maybe not. Regardless, this impressively mustachioed man is a booming crooner (a good set of pipes, this one) and a straight shredder (he also flings his Flying V guitar for Boston punk band, Pile) and you probably haven't heard anything quite like this before.

The man himself lists his influences as being Bob Dylan + Robert Johnson + Jimi Hendrix + Junior Kimbrough + Johnny Cash + RL Burnside and you should definitely set your expectations towards this guy sounding like these legends rather than sounding like Pile.

Yazan has offered up several sound sacrifices for streaming on the World Wide Intrasphere and you can explore his back catalog at your easy, breezy 100% chill pace. But first, you should start by listening to a couple of songs off of his brand new EP (so new that as of this writing it isn't even out yet, man) called “Howlin" because its vibes are so chill it just might make you bark at the moon buck neked.

I'll go ahead and post those two songs now because if I leave it up to you to find and listen you probably won't do it because you have other things on your mind and I don't have shit to do. “Tell Me Baby" is a rip roaring stomping good old JAM and will make you feel all funky and muddy in the cleanest, most celebrated way. And stick around for “I Get High" (me too, Yazan, me too) if you wanna know what life-affirming music seemingly made in the backwoods of Mars sounds like.

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RIYL: High

Published April 13, 2015



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