Oh My Rockness' 2009 preview!

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Oh My Rockness' 2009 preview!

February 17, 2009
It's Austin time again, and every year it's more overwhelming than the last. And that's not right. You shouldn't be overwhelmed, you should be rocking out! So to "whelm" you just exactly right, we've picked nine of our favorite up-and-coming bands we think will make it big soon after playing SXSW 2009. And we're going to tell you why these nine are awesome in nine awesome words. Isn't that so deliciously high-concept! (Plus, we thought you'd prefer nine of our words to two-thousand-and-nine.)

So think of this short SXSW spotlight as a poor man's non-rhyming sonnet or something. (And oh yeah, these nine bands don't include the six bands playing the sick Oh My Rockness/Oya Festival show on Thursday night at The Music Gym featuring Max Tundra, Wavves, Casiokids, Lemonade, The New Wine, and Chikita Violenta.


Box Elders - Good Buddy Holly garage-punk with a drummer/bassist!

Disappears - Swirling-Noise-Goth with tons of good guitar reverb!

The Golden Filter - Electro-dance music from NYC (is NYC a word? and no, words in parenthesis don't count as words) that sounds like Blondie.

Kittens Ablaze - Joyful power-pop made with strings. Drink to this!

Let's Wrestle - Sloppy and messy and fuzzy punk-pop from London!

Obits - Drive Like Jehu Hot Snakes. I'm Rick Froberg, bitch!

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Shoegaze-indie-pop with plenty of guitar jingle-jangle!

The Tallest Man on Earth - How's this: he toured a ton with Bon Iver.

Women - Hazy lo-fi melodies kinda like The Velvet Underground!

There you have it: nine awesome words for nine awesome bands. Of course, if you want more than nine words, you can just click their name to read their entire Oh My Rockness profile. But those profiles are SO BORING.

See you in Austin, rockers. And, of course, we hope to see you at our show ("Geez Rockness, give it a rest about your show already!")

Those nine bands sound cool, now take me to the SXSW showlist!


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