Look out! It's the Oh My Rockness + Insound party!

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Look out! It's the Oh My Rockness + Insound party!

March 15, 2012
We've teamed up with the amazing Insound to bring you one helluva FREE unofficial SXSW party. It's almost as if this is the free party to end all free parties! Wait. Scratch that. That would suck. Why would we want to put on the party that ends free parties? Free parties never did anything to us (except make us feel rather bloated on occasion).

So here's what you need to know. The Oh My Rockness and Insound party is today (that's Thursday, March 15th) at Club DeVille (an excellent outdoor venue) starting at noon and ending at 6pm. It's FREE. And $5 gets you a bracelet for all-day brews. But all that isn't as important as the line-up. Am I right on that, guys? Yeah. I'm right.

Oh My Rockness + Insound Party Line-up = Dan Deacon (5pm) + Mikal Cronin (4pm) + Bleached (3pm) + Trust (2pm) + Dive (1pm) + Chad Valley (12pm). Weird. We like all those bands. Imagine that coincidence.

There's no RSVP needed to this thing. Just show up with your RAGE FACE on. And be sure to say hi. Saying hi rules.

So let's wrap all of this information up and tie it in a neat little bow. Come to the Oh My Rockness + Insound Party. It won't suck.


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