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Band of Horses play pretty much perfect sunshine pop

March 13, 2006
Band of Horses' upcoming album on Sub Pop, Everything All the Time, is my extremely early favorite for Best Album of 2006. Point blank, these Seattle guys are one of the best new bands I've heard in a long time. Think Flaming Lips meets Rogue Wave meets Akron/Family. This is pretty much perfect sunshine pop that is right up there in talent with their label mates, The Shins (in fact, I might like Band of Horses even more!).

I saw them open for Iron and Wine a long while back and remember being impressed, but something clearly happened in the many months between that show and this album. Now, Band of Horses are more than just an impressive opening act. They are on their way to becoming indie super stars. Catchy. Poignant. And Awesome.

Band of Horses plays Red Eyed Fly, Friday, March 17th


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