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Portugal's X-Wife rock the electro-rock

March 7, 2007
Portugal's X-Wife (not Portland, Portugal!) rock the explosively catchy synth punk that's a strong cross between The Rapture (they sound a lot like The Rapture actually) and LCD Soundsystem. This trio is comprised of one vocalist/guitarist, one bassist, and one synth/beat machine/drums dude. Together, they all work effectively to create dance songs that also feature well-placed rock-outs. It's not just dance, and it's not just punk. It's dance-punk!

X-Wife released two well-received albums with limited distribution, but buzz has steadily been swelling for these guys on our shores. After this current US tour and their dates at SXSW, everyone will have heard of X-Wife, just like everyone has heard of James Murray, er, Murphy. Murphy.

X-Wife play Friends, on Wednesday, March 14th.


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